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Eddie Montalvo, was born and raised in New York City's Spanish Harlem alongside one of Boxing's greatest fighters, that included Hector Macho Camacho, Alex "The Bronx Bomber" Ramos, the late Davey Moore and Wille Classen, the Rosario brothers, the Price Brothers, Juan Laporte, Mitch Green and many other great boxers.

When Montalvo was about seven years old, he began boxing as an amateur. Montalvo told WBAN, "I was trained by the likes of the late Sandy Saddler, the late Coach Rosario who coached the Boys Club of New York's Boxing Team out of Spanish Harlem, Robert Lee who mentored, trained and took Hector Macho Camacho under his tutelage making Hector the youngest fighter in the history of the NYC Golden Gloves to win a Golden Gloves Championship (at age 15) and successfully winning the Golden Gloves' two more times, consecutively before turning pro, as well as, to three consecutive World Title Championships., Mickey and Negra Rosario and, Coach Sal out of the Yonkers PAL."

Montalvo competed in the 1979 NYC Golden Gloves and won a medal at the 1985 Empire State Games. During that time he had the opportunity to spar with the many greats as Wilfredo Gomez, Roberto Duran, Wilfred Benitez, Mark Breland and many others.

Soon thereafter, Montalvo relocated to Los Angeles where he worked alongside his good friend Christopher Gray (Christopher Gray Casting - Los Angeles) as an Assistant Casting Agent, learning the ins and outs of the film industry, as well as, with Viacom/Group W Productions - Burbank, California. Montalvo worked "behind the scenes" for about 18 years, with some time in between. Montalvo also had an opportunity to work as a "double" for SINBAD in the Cherokee Kid, an HBO Special; among other films that he was involved in.

In 2007, after Montalvo discussed with several confidants, he decided to assist his 'childhood friend' and 'brother,' Macho Camacho and, other athletes in the sport of boxing. He made contact with and began making contact on behalf of Brooke Dierdorff (for a brief moment), Mia St. John, Hector Camacho Sr & Jr., and others. Montalvo worked with Patricia Alcivar and Johnny Schulz and of putting together a fight card where Jenna Shiver of Tampa Bay fought against Liliana Martinez, where he told WBAN that they gave a great performance and taking the 'Fight of the Night.' Montalvo also booked many appearances, signings and productions for many athletes and entertainers.

Montalvo told WBAN, "I have had the pleasure of negotiating many contracts; of working with managers, fighters, trainers, promoters, sponsors, investors and producers---behind the scenes. I have had the blessing of participating in Mia St. John's 2009 Saber Es Poder Foundation's function. I have also had the honor to work on Christy Martin's behalf for a brief period and of recently being a 'Key' part in the signing of Chevelle Hallback's upcoming multiple title shot against the Undisputed Welterweight Champion of the World, Cecilia Breakhus on the Holyfield vs Neilsen Undercard in Copenhagen, May 7th 2011."

"I am dear friends with wonderful people like Emile Griffith, Pinklon Thomas, Angelo "Angie" Dundee, Butch & Cathy Flansburg (President & Vice-President, respectively of the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame - FBHOF, of which I am a Volunteer), Alex Ramos, my childhood friend and President of the Retired Boxer's Foundation (RBF) of which I endeavor being the East Coast Represaentative, Don King and Al Bonani an amazing team; and many others I apologize for not mentioning here. Also, Junior "Poison" Jones, retired 5 time World Champion is engaged to my Sister Yvette and is training youths in Orlando, Florida, another avenue open to us where we can assist and educate the up and coming boxers. Then there's my wife's cousin our beloved and admired Bonnie Canino who is without a doubt one of the most dedicated women I know in the Sport. And of course I cannot leave out Ms. Barbara Buttrick, a True Pioneer in the sport", added Montalvo.

As of today, Montalvo told WBAN, "Together with my partner Myles Harlow-Kahn, we have founded Jurican Entertainment and Sports Inc. Myles has close to three decades of experience in the entertainment & sports industries. Son of Legendary Latin Jazz/Salsa Pianist and Co-Founder of The Fania All Stars, Larry Harlow, Myles has the know how and the drive to make things happen. We have founded Jurican with the endeavor to assist our clients in enhancing their opportunities in their respsective fields.  Montalvo also booked many appearances, signings and productions for many athletes and entertainers. Many times Pro-Bono.   I entered into the 'Advocacy' of Women Boxing because of the Passion for the Sport and because I feel I can make a difference.   I am also proud to be working for The American Red Cross (Smiles), my real job.."

Montalvo said that even though the Jurican website is in the process of being constructed, they can be reached at e.montalvo62@gmail.com, eddie@jurican.com  or myles@jurican.com.  Their services include contract negotiations, strategic consulting, marketing campaigns, creative advertising, licensing programs, merchandising, product development, sponsorship sales, talent management, client representation, public relations, concept development, content creation and distribution, rights management, personal appearances, speaking opportunities, and live events and tours that translate business strategies into successful results. Photo: Maltalvo (far left), "Operation Repo" Luis "Lou"  Pizarro (next to Montalvo, Mia St. John, Heather, and Macho Camacho

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