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Amit S. Katz is a Nutritionist/Herbalist and the proud owner of the health food stores, Lifestyles Nutrition Center in Palm Desert and La Quinta, California.  Amit has been working with the public and their concerns since 1992. 

Through years of experience he has obtained a rare knowledge of the use of supplements and their ability to treat health issues and address disease.  He is the author of the book , “The Frontline of Nutrition - 50 treatments remedies and cures you can find in a health food store."

Amit is the official nutritionist for up-and-coming Golden Boy Promotions  bantamweight prospect, Randy “El Matador” Caballero, and is a consultant with Female boxing organization Bad Girls Boxing.

Amit told WBAN, "My mother is a nutritionist and my father worked for a Pharmaceutical company, but early on recognized that the future of medicine was to get people hooked on meds and not off them."

World champion Ann-Marie Saccurato with Amit Katz -Photo by Sue Fox

Sue TL Fox of WBAN had the pleasure of meeting Amit at the Bad Girls Boxing Camp, in Coachella, California, this May, when Amit had been called out  to assist with one of the pro boxers who was experiencing dehydration problems and other issues.

Amit said, "The interest in treating people naturally came by virtue of working in the health food stores which I own. Over time people delegated more and more difficult health issues to me, and in time I came to know how to navigate these conditions using supplements found on our shelves.  This curiosity took me to my first great teacher Dr. Zhu who taught me the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it's herbs, formulas and how to view disease through this ancient but very effective systems eyes."

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