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Tony's Corner: Benefits of Explosive training for boxers
by Tony Rumanes

This month I would like to talk about the benefits of "Explosive Training" for boxers. I cannot stress enough the importance of boxers training with the intent of developing explosive movements for not only speed but strength and quickness when you are actually fighting.

In my experience and the way that I approach training is that I do not feel that heavy weight training is necessarily a good thing for boxers.

When boxers use the heavy weight type of training, the muscle mass will slow them down, and always tire them much more quickly.

As the fight continues to go on in the later rounds, your arms will become very heavy, and that is when the danger of getting hurt or knocked out increases.

A boxer should re-think his training regimen, and focus on training that incorporates "fast twitch muscle fibers", which will create explosive speed and power.

In training your fast twitch versus slow twitch muscle fibers, there is definitely a specific method to it. Normally, regular weight training will target your slow twitch muscle fibers, but towards the end of your sets, your fast twitch muscle fibers will trigger as your muscles start to fail, as your pushing through those last couple of force reps, which is great because you get awesome muscle gains.

The negative aspect of this is that you are going to be slowing down your muscles for any fast activities. For example, baseball, boxing, swimming and tennis. Strength training is really good for these sports. But, getting close to the season, I would really focus on doing higher reps will lighter weights, or super sets to help flexibility.

Fast twitch muscle fiber training can be done in many different ways. First and foremost, if you want to target the fast twitch muscle fibers from the very start of a training regimen, you need to do it with an exercise that is very explosive, for example; explosive pushups, which are very good for your shoulders and chest and triceps. Plyometric box jumps, power lunges, etc.

One can also do light explosive training on weights, or weighted cable exercises to create speed. Also, being a boxer you can use these movements in a circuit to simulate a round of boxing. So you can train for the sport, like a three-minute round. This can really help a boxer for a fight, as the boxer is not doing any heavy weight training, and the boxer can really focus on getting the fast twitch muscle firing. This can be done two to three days a week, depending on your training regimen, and this style training can really add speed to your boxer. The more explosive training he or she does, the faster they will get, in addition to speed work on the mitts.

Remember, speed equals power, and the faster you are the more power you will create. Probably the best combo I know of that would use this style of training would be Freddie Roach, and Manny the “Pacman” Pacquiao. That’s why I feel it is such an important part of boxing training, is to incorporate fast twitch muscle fiber training. In addition, Sergio Garibay makes special speed mitts that can help speed up a boxer, they are designed to help the coach throw off the punches faster, and well as help the boxer recover and punch back quicker.



Sergio began making this gear back in 1990, and he has made the gear for hundreds of trainers and fighters to date.

His custom made gear is awesome! I can say that every dime I have spent is well-worth the money.   If you are ever interested in stepping up your game in training, you can contact Sergio Garibay at (323)422-5104 or sgboxing@aol.com.

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