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3rd Annual Ventura County “Battle of the Badges”
Source:  Press Release -Retired Boxers Foundation
December 5, 2011

(DEC 5) For the second year in a row, Alex Ramos, Founder and President of the Retired Boxers Foundation, joined Michael Bradburn of Camarillo Boxing and Fitness Center to help out at the 3rd Annual Ventura County “Battle of the Badges.” Mike Bradburn...Full Story

Who Said Engineers are Boring?
by Anca Neagu (Engineer)
December 5, 2011

(DEC 5)  I started training in 1999 (two years after obtaining my Master’s in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin) and competed in boxing between 2000 and 2005. During this time, I won the San Antonio golden gloves three times, won 2 silver medals (one at USA Nationals, one at Pal Nationals), and 2 bronze medals (USA Nationals). I competed on the US National Team in 2000...Full Story

WBAN's FUNDRAISER for the Retired Boxers has Begun!
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(AUG 24) As we reported last week, this year the sport of women's boxing is set to see one of the biggest women's boxing fights in the history of the sport when Anne Sophie Mathis of France, fights Holly Holm on December 2, 2011. Mathis and Holm are going to fight for the WBAN Independent world welterweight title and a federation belt.   ...Full Story

Nutrition Pugalistica - Giving the body what the body needs Part II
by Amit S.Katz
July 8, 2011

In my first installment we established that the body needs four things 1.Oxygen 2.Water 3.Fuel and 4.Minerals.  I covered the difficult part of the equation, obtaining a good source of minerals.  So if Water and Oxygen are the easiest part of the equation, then we are left with Fuel.  Full Story

Blunt trauma and sudden death in young athletes
By Dr. David Geier
June 25, 2011

(JUNE 25) I have written recently about deaths in youth sports related to cardiovascular events and commotio cordis. But there is another large cause of sudden death in sports that is important to discuss, and that is sports-related death due to blunt trauma.  Full Story

Speedbag Video Added of female Amateur Boxer

(MAY 26) We just added a new Speedbag video of a young female amateur boxer "Rhi" who is preparing to fight in her first amateur fight.  Video of Rhi on Speedbag

New Members Added to the WBAN Resource Team-by Sue TL Fox - May 25, 2011

(MAY 25) We have just added one new Physician, C. David Geier, Jr., M.D., Director, MUSC Sports Medicine, Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Medical University of South Carolina.  Dr. Geier is very active online with athletics who are need of contacting him.  We will have some of his articles on the WBAN Resource Team website, and will link many of his valuable resources directly to his website.  We have also added multi-world boxing champions Bonnie Canino, and Sumya Anani.  Both have their unique training and fitness tips and advice.  Check out the latest on our Team, go here!

Latest News: WBAN Resource Team
by Sue TL Fox -May 21, 2011

(MAY 21, 2011) I am in the process of developing an extensive Resource Team for WBAN, where women boxers can utilize many of the resources in regards to training, boxing, health, fitness, performance training, contract, and management issues, and more.  Currently I have Fitness/Trainer Tony Rumanes on board, Multi-world champion, Ann Marie Saccurato who will do video training and performance tips (she is absolutely fantastic with her knowledge in this field); am working with getting one or two physicians on board; Lifestyles Nutritionist Amit Katz; Eddie Montalvo for management and other related questions about contracts; an attorney who specializes in contracts; Tom Moraetes who has been WBAN's "Ask the Trainer" advisor and who has been with WBAN for over 10 years, and others that I have been in contact with at this time.. ..Full Story


WBAN Mission Statement

The mission of the WBAN Resource Team is to provide an online educational source for the active, inactive, and retired boxers in the sport.  Our goal is to have experts in their given field share their knowledge, and be able to answer questions for the boxers. The Resource Team will also provide comprehensive and authoritative information with online articles, video training tips, and a variety of resources for the boxer.

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The WBAN Resource Team is a group of experts that are willing to help active, inactive, and retired boxers in their respective field to answer questions, make referrals, and help with information if possible. To meet the Team,  go here!